Questionnaire process and results

Questionnaire ran from 28/04 untill 14/05. I first interviewed a Japanese girl that was very interested in fashion to get some idea's on what to research/write about. I realized we didn't really know what most Japanese people thought about fashion and that the girl might be a exeption so I decided to do a basic questionnaire to find out more about the general view on Japanese fashion by the Japanese people. We first made the questions in Japanese and asked a native speaker to check them for us. Afterwards I made the actual questionnaire and send it to as many people as possible. We used mostly social media and acquaintances.



What is your gender and what is your age?

Our responsers mostly consist of young adult females.

Do you have any interest in Fashion? Rather suprisingly most people have some or even a lot of interest in fashion. This shows that it is an important part of popular culture in Japan.

When did you become interested in fashion? A variety of answers, quite balanced.

How did you become intersted in fashion? Apart from friends most people got into fashion through magazines, so to be able to make a fashion magazine would have been appropriate.

How much do you think about fashion?

Do you often talk about fashion with friends?

Do you follow a fashionblog or social media pagina?

How interested are you? What do you do with your interest?

In what kind of shops do you shop?

Do you know these styles?

Kawaii Fashion and Genderless Kei are well known in Japan and only Ma is not very known.

Do you know these designers?

Although most people don't know the designers, they are with the most famous ones from Japan and they are very important for Japanese fashion. Through our magazine we hope to teach more people about them.