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Analysis of survey

Important to note

The survey was originally split up into a section for Japanologists and non-Japanologists, who both answered the same questions. We have decided not to include the answers of non-Japanologists because we only received a small number (17) of answers compared to the 92 replies of the Japanologists. We believe that comparing such a difference in numbers would not produce representative data.


Through Facebook and the Japanology mailing list, we sent out a survey in order to have a wide variety of answers for our research to be representative, by reaching out to not only bachelor students, but also master students, alumni and professors. The pie chart shows that many bachelor students and alumni participated in the research, but the master student and professor representation are quite low in comparison.

Reason for choosing Japanese Studies

A slight majority of participants affirm that anime is one of the reasons for choosing Japanese Studies. The other half, however, reveals a variety of reasons which have no relation to Japanese popular culture, like an interest in the language and traditional culture.

Tableau Public: Reasons for studying

Watching less or more anime after starting Japanese studies

A striking 55% of participants reveal that they watch less anime after starting Japanese Studies. The most common reason is the obligation to study more, thus having less time to watch anime. In comparison, almost 21% watch more anime after starting Japanese Studies, using it as a source of practicing Japanese.

Tableau Public: More or less anime

Tableau Public

All data from the survey: Completed, Currently Watching, On Hold, Dropped and Plan To Watch

Comparing our MyAnimeList score to the average MyAnimeList user

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Why our group ended up performing 1649 commands on OpenRefine.