Horror film

Horror. It's an interesting genre with many possible ways to examine. We tried comparing Japanese horror movies to American ones while also diving into the essence of the movie elements that got (over)used.

Comparing the stereotypes is just one small part of the research we did. We also watched two movies, one of each country, and looked into the most used genres used by both, ranging from 1980 until 2019. We made nice seperate articles of this research and included them into this magazine. If you want to read Rowan's vision on the Japanese and American movie he watched, an article with some humor but also a lot of useful information, I advise you to go read 'Horribly Japanese'. If you'd rather know what genre was Japan's favorite in the '90s or just how many Slasher movies were made in America in the 2000s, you better click onto the 'Graphically Horrible' title.

And at last, we made examples of the stereotypes we found. We bundled them together and made one movie (a parody of course) for the Japanese stereotypes, and wrote a script for the American one. We sincerely hope you'll find our articles both informative and amusing, because as much as we found our research very useful, we also had a fun time creating it.